Vincent. Aug 1st, 1920

Decided to keep a diary from 1st August 1920 on a suggestion made by Alice Sykes. Dad arranged a picnic on our Bank holiday Tuesday 3rd August, in order to prevent Poppy from going back to work that day - the only way to keep her from it. Staff (office) of the Ice Co. was invited and Alice asked off for it - had to work on the Monday in consequence. We all went off to Winston, six of us on bikes, the rest in the car. Lovely day and top hole time by the river. Had bought Poppy a VP Kodak for her 21st birthday (which is not til September) so we took it down with us and took some topping snaps - 8 in all. Came back early as follows - Elsie and Mr. Yarnell, Gladys and F Hopps, Alice and I (last of course). Got caught in the wet returning but we finished up at home by having a delightful little sing song. Mr. Yarnell sang and Alice recited. Everybody felt at home and we finished up about midnight. Get Alice home and she found conversation "horrid" - her own words - because I tease her so much. However, asked me for a photo as she had lost the snaps of Harley and I promised her a "khaki" one. Sent it off the very next day and received her reply Friday morning thanking me.

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