Vincent. Oct 23rd, 1921

23rd - saw Alices face this morning which showed what had happened since Thursday with her. Worse than ever. Interminable afternoon. Will 7.30 never come. Fine sermon by Mr.Howarth in evening. Outside chapel asked Poppy to go up and speak to A and K. Sauntered up after her. Alice wouldn't speak to me - awful sensation. Everything looked rotten until Kate asked Alice to go for a stroll (good for Kate). She evidently guessed that something was matter. Miserable walk to Cockerton and a little beyond. Felt awful. However Alice came round after I said I was sorry and all's well that end's well. Alice had vowed she would never see me again and told me I was the first boy who had told her he could see too much of her - that hurt. Learnt all she had gone through since Thursday. All through a thoughtless suggestion of mine. Another side to Alice - her sweet forgiving nature.

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