We were both born in the North East of England, and lived there for our entire lives.

Vincent was born in 1896, to William and Mary Heslop, and had one younger brother Wilfred, and two younger sisters, Elsie and Gladys.

Alice was born in 1900 to Richard and Margaret Sykes, and had one older brother, Joseph, one younger sister, Kate and two younger brothers, Frank and Norman.

Vincent lived until 1967, and Alice lived until 1987.

Our diaries from August 1920 through to December 1921, provide a glimpse of how our friendship developed.

The website/blog, is intended as an archive of what life was like in Darlington in the early 1920's.

In addition to the diary entries, extracts from letters and photographs will be included, adding to the story.

It is interesting to see how some things have changed over the past 100 years and how other aspects of life are no different!

I hope you find the website interesting.