Vincent. Sept 4th, 1920.

Arrived back from Scarboro to find Mr. and Mrs. Nattress (?) staying with us for the weekend. Mr. Nattress (?) is preaching at Greenbank on Sunday evening, quite a supper party. Rycrofts and Alice in to supper. Singing and Alice recited. Of course had to get Alice back. Thank goodness as had wanted a quiet chat with her. Took about an hour over it. Moon out and a lovely evening. What a good night! Shall have to be careful or will be falling in love. But Alice is a fine girl and a great soul and is very open hearted. Shouldn't mind falling in love with a girl like her. Mr.Nattress said someone remarked to him at Bedale that if they had a daughter they would have liked me as a son in law. Ye gods! He also says that Alices words "You are a brute!" still go through him. He said she said them as if she meant them.

Have just been analysing girls and compiling a list of different types. It works out as follows

  1. Moody and gloomy and pessimistic girls.

  2. Silly girls (giggling sort)

  3. Bossy girls (mostly composed of school teachers)

  4. Fast girls and flirts

  5. Conceited girls

  6. Shy (camouflaged girls)

  7. Really shy girls

  8. Sporting girls

  9. Jolly and sporty girls

  10. Sensible girls

  11. Alice

Have put Alice in a class by herself as she is unique and combines all the best qualities of each class, being jolly, sporty, sensible, modest, just quiet enough, of a moderate temperament and just what no other girl I have met is and which can only be called charming and sweet in her manner.

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