Vincent. Sept 17th, 1920.

Quite washed out after last nights do. Everything went off well. Induced Alice after a struggle to go through the ? with me. Didn't have quite such a good time as I expected as time fully occupied with Pullen and Fairnalls (?) queer antics - had everybody screaming. Was sitting by Alice and saw she was tired. Went home with Alice in the back of the Wolseley and got what I had been waiting my chance for all evening and a quiet time with Alice and a special kiss. Haven't had the latter privilege for almost a fortnight and had lived on it for all this time. Hoping for this last night but it was very short, from Salisbury Tce to Brinkburn Road. I'm wondering how long I shall have to wait till the next, not long I hope. Just discovered today that Alice had sent Poppy her photo in a little frame in addition to her other present and it was so wrapped up in paper that I got overlooked. Top hole photograph, must have been one of those.

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