Vincent. Oct 20th, 21st, 1920.

Have discovered Elsie's reason for working late. Yarnell came in the office last night and stayed until 9.30pm.

21st: MOVE NO.2. Expected A would be working back last night so rang her up again. Unfortunately she was not at the office. Went to the meeting of Dad's at Albert Road and out canvassing with Evanda. Came back down Northgate and met A waiting at corner of Gladstone Street. Said she was waiting for Wilson to give him a book. Talked for a bit and walked down as far as Post Office with her. Had the usual scrap as to where I should leave her. Eventually got as far as Reid Street. Arranged that if Poppy goes to N do (?) Saturday and she is not auditioning at YMCA it will be alright. Have to ring her up on Friday to make final arrangements.

Result - nothing 'til Friday.

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