Vincent. Dec 25th, 27th, 1920.

25th Christmas Day. Our carol singing till 2.30 and then a dozen of us went mad till 5am - had quite a good time. Chiefly instigated by Norman.

27th. Rotten to day. More carol singing last night. Finished up abut 2 after another touch of madness, I am treasurer so could not tack on to anybody all the time. Edgar Waters took off with Alice all night and I could not part them. Alice said she had a good time.I didn't. I was mad about it. I took upon myself the role of director in chief so as to hide my mood.Faced it out a treat. I must be madly in love with Alice, o why all this! Wondered whether it was a ? of Alice or only her ? fun. God, I was forced to kiss them all but there was only one I wanted to kiss and she was the only one who apparently kept away from me. They all wanted to get with me except the one I wanted. Ernie and I have arranged to meet some girls tomorrow night. Damned if I want to go. I want to concentrate all my energies to the wooing and winning of Alice. What a lot of sentimental rubbish and think and talk but I can't help it.

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