Vincent. August #4, 1920.

...all go in the Wolseley, and dump the luggage in our car but nothing doing. Was highly delighted but feigned disappointment when Mother suggested Father should drive our car. To settle matters Norman and Minnie volunteered to sit on the dicky (?) - brave people. I was in the back of the Wolseley with Alice, Hailey and Poppy and so obtained my desire. Think I should call this one of my red letter days as it was simply gorgeous. Full moon and with Alice in the back of the Wolseley - absolutely perfect. Took no notice much of Hailey and Poppy but just kept to ourselves and never enjoyed anything so much in my life - wish it had been 120 instead of just 20 miles. However, we dropped the family at Oakdene and went on dropping Ernie, Norman, Hailey and Winnie on the way. This left Alice and I a few brief moments between Greenbank Road and Brinkburn Road but we made the very best of it. Think I fell in love with Alice this night. The best of times must come to an end so we dropped Alice and carried onto Masons. Arrived home at about 1am. Went to Thornton Dale next morning at 8.40 and from there to Scarboro. Stayed at Swifts. Had a great time, chiefly playing tennis, donkey riding, a party of about 20 of us. And shows. Of course plenty of concerts and made the acquaintance of some very nice jolly people. Took heaps of snaps. Had to officiate at the piano for comic songs, rag times, dances & came back.

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