Vincent. August #3, 1920.

...promised to provide the tea for the match at feathams. Alice had promised to go and help but arrived half an hour late so wouldn't go. After arguing with her for about half an hour managed to persuade her to go down with me. Met about half the girls in the tax office on the way down so she'll get her leg pulled frightfully. Evening Poppy and her arrived at about 10.30pm and Poppy went to get her home but came back after walking a few yards as it was raining. Ran out after her and insisted on seeing her home on such a dark night. In awful tears but one of the sweetest girls. Has the sweetest soul of any girl I have met. Has always reminded me very much in this respect of my dear mother. One incident occurred on our way to Brinkburn Road. A small black kitten crossed our path just as we were passing Uplands Road and allowed itself to be stroked by us both. Alice drew my attention to it as some people in front of us were trying to make it cross their path but it wouldn't. Silly superstition - but I wonder. Commenced to practice for 'Iolenthe' (?). We are giving it on Thursday 26th August at Bedale for PM's. Must have a practice every night until then. Had great sport Monday evening. Two parties practising so had a 'rag' during the acts. Winnie R still on her old games, silly fathead (?) - some hopes.

Concert 26th August Bedale. Went in the afternoon in our car with Mother, Gladys, Norman and Winnie. Found the stage in a rotton state so we all set to and made a decent job of it. The others arrived at 6.45pm. Gave the concert and everybody delighted and no one noticed we had omitted 4 pages out in the excitement. Had a top hole supper in which Mrs.Nattrass insisted on sitting my next to my dear wife! A bit of bother about how we were going to sit going home. I suggested that we should all...

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