Vincent. August #2, 1920.

...who is spending the whole of the 'vac' with Aske (?). 'Mac' is the son of a labour MP in South Africa, and is a very jolly fellow and is full of kaffir (?) language which he reels off by the yard. Also introduced to Mr. Aske's accountant, Mr.Jones, who is staying the weekend at St.James. Very cheery old chap and calls Dick and Mac 'Potash and Perlmutter' owing to their delight in winning a few coppers at solo, billiards, tennis, golf or any other game they may play. Decided we were going to enjoy ourselves, which we did. Took multitude of photos. Played tennis nearly all day and every day. Mr. Jones invited us to do lunch at the George Hotel on Tuesday. Had a look round his office, not as big as ours. Mrs.Aske's two neices, Joan and Bet also staying there. Quite decent little kids. Joan (aged about 10) insisted on calling me her boy. Went into Luton on the Saturday to see the football match with George. The boys and Poppy joined us at the theatre in the evening and we had a jolly old time coming home. Returned home alone on the 10.45pm Monday 16th August. Worked all next day at Hartlepool - came to earth with a bump. Poppy returned next day in response to a wire from Dad. Was working late Thursday night when I had a phone message in a lady's voice who announced herself as Alice. Was surprised as I didn't know they had the phone in their office. Thought at first it must be Dorothy Mason ringing up from H'pool. However Alice asked for me, not Poppy. I asked her what made her ring up. Said she 'couldn't resist it'. Funny girl Alice, but adorable. Came down to the office to go out with Poppy and so I showed her my office. Thought it was lovely and tidy. Saturday 21st August Dad had...

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