Vincent. 4th Jan, 1921

Went out carol singing again on Sunday night. Alice wasn't at chapel so we couldn't give her her present. Left it at the office and consequently rather left behind. Followed round but couldn't find them, but actually met Alice and Kate in Leafield Road. Seem feted to meet in the most unlooked for places. So joined company and eventually discovered them in Clifton Road. Was with them all night to the exclusion of Edgar Waters! We went up to Haughton Road with me as leader as father wouldn't go up so far. Norman Prudhoe took us down some dark place and eventually landed home after taking Alice home for the fourth successive night about 12.

Holiday yesterday. Rang Alice up to wish her many happy returns and arranged to meet her at 11.45 in Bondgate to give her the present. Met her and took her so far home.

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