Alice. Jan 1st - 8th,1921.

"This clear New Year has just begun, I hope it's full of laughter and fun".

Saturday - Rose at 12.30pm. Sat in front of fire and eat nuts. Went for a walk with Kate. Met Milburn (?) And his brother. Went to pictures at night, saw Mr. And Mrs.Waters and family and met Vince when we came out, he came home with us.

Monday - my birthday - 21 today.

Mother and Father - a gold bracelet.

Kate and Frank - a gold broach

Vince and Elsie - leather writing case

Norman - a picture

Joe - a signet ring

and heaps of others, lucky girl.

Friday - this is the day! Office party. Exciting day getting sufficient people to come. FJ my partner came up for me. Misty night, busy room at Coronation Hotel. Last half hour th best. FJ came home with me. Skipped along the high row. Kate and I locked out

Much discussion about ? Met FJ at night with NB. Couldn't supress disappointed feelings. To pictures with Vince and for a walk.

"One happy hour this week has brought, remembrance of it will be a treasured thought".

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