Alice. Sept 4th - 10th, 1921

'A day of cafes, shops and trains. A happy carefree jolly day.

Away from winding dreamy lanes. And every moment was glad and gay'.

7th - glorious day. Excitement about Auckland district. To see Lilac Domino at night with Farnells, Vince, Geo, Elsie and Kate. Kate took ill after 1st act. Vince and I go home with her then for a walk. Disappointment! Happy night.

8th - such a hot day. Saw Vince and Geo at dinnertime and Vince in afternoon. Talk to Fred Johnson after tea at Beadles. Like Fred for many things. To Croft - nice time. Saw Vince and Geo when we got back. Home with a heart ache.

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