Alice. June 5th - 11th, 1921

5th - Kate and I stayed home and made jellies.

8th - at last! Cold grey day. Met Vince at 7 - down Walworth Lane. Through wood into field. Gray home in the east gone. Wild. Roses. Home in the ? Dispute about Friday. Sad ending. Felt sorry. Vexed.

10th - rang Vince up to say I woukd go to the pictures. Bought CE a book. Took Norman to have his eyes tested. Came to office. Wrote to Edgar Peters. Met V at 8. Admirable Crichton - simply great.

11th - CE's birthday. Posted CE a book. Frank passed his exam. Met Vince at 7.10 down Walworth to little green home in the west. Pleasant night. Finished glove. Home. Saw Auntie D.

"Into the woods so cool and green. We wandered at our will.

And ? little rabbits came on the scene and ? the buds did till".

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