Alice. June 19th - 25th, 1921.

19th - up at 8am. Mother packed my dinner. At Southlands at 10.30am. To Redcar in car.

20tb - saw Wilf who told me Vince was llaying cards at Dr.Ross's.

21st - bought V's and Millie's present.

23rd - Millie's birthday. Office bought her 2 silver vases. 4pm very tired. To Millie's. Whist. Nearly got ? Home at 4am with Mawson and Jack. Quite light.

25th - glorious day. Bought white shoes. Met Vince at 3.30. To croft, picnic and paddled in stream. Played games. Snaps and ? Juice. Lemonade and ? water. V and I home through fields. Horses. Barbed wire fence, ditch, mud, black white shoes, hot lovely night.

Oh! What glorious night hot night in June

When through the fields we strolled along.

Oh, everything was just in tune.

To me it seemed like a happy song.

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