Alice. August 14th - 20th, 1921.

'So often life's path seems smooth the while. And the turnings seem far apart.

Then suddenly we reach the stile and strange is the gladness that fills our heart.'

15th - V rang up and asked if I would like to go motor ride to Kirby Stephen. Met V snd his father at 6. Glorious ride. Moon, purple heather. V and I go for a walk. Decisions. Full moon. Smashing ride back. Frosty air, rabbits, wild road and moon.

16th - Bright morn, many thoughts of last night. Glad ones. Egg for dinner. Wish mother was back.

17th - Rose at 8 o clock. Bought more bread. To garden party at Southlands. Recited, snaps on Vincent's motor bike.

18th - ...V gave me some heather...

20th - Elsie rings up and asks me to go out tonight. Feeling tumultuous. Vincent came at 6.15pm motor bike from Shildon. Meet him at 7 down Walworth Lane. Vincent asks me what I thought about getting engaged Oh! The bigness of it! Felt tremulously happy. Happy walk home.

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