Vincent. Sept 25th - 28th, 1921.

25th - 3 punctures. Home about 8. Alice stayed for supper and Granda came in. Get Alice home. Wonder whether her mother has told her father!

26th - social at Greenbank. Went for Norman and wentvabout 8.30. Had a good time. Usual stunt - Hsrley, Ernie, Norman and I. Norman and I get Alice and Kate home. Wish I'd been alone with Alice as I want to hear about her father.

27th - went to the Endeavour. Alice there so we walked home for her basket and some dahlias then get her home.

28th - Wednesday night once more. Met Alice 6.45. Early tonight and wandered to our little home. Stayed there for ages and ages - could have stayed for ever. Ran as we thought we were late. No watch. But when we got to railway crossing we found ouf 10 train hadn't gone. Watched it go and then continued home.

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