Vincent. May 21st - 23rd, 1921.

21st - unusual Saturday. Went to Sunderland with the family to see matinee performance of Faust with Mr Jones playing Valentine. Rstger a good time. Back about 8. Looked ? round for Alice but met Norman. Found out later that A had been sitting on seat on Coniscliffe Rd and Wsters had passed in the car and she had joined them and had a walk afterwards with them.

22nd - Sunday. Afternoon wet. A and K in the park with Edgar, Cissie and John. Cursed my luck for being with Bd? Shall never join him again on a Sunday afternoon. Evening usual walk half to croft A & K, Poppy, Norman, Farnell and I. Felt miserable.

23rd - Rang A up asking her to see me 5.20pm corner of the High Row. Asked her about Wednesday when she was ? Wouldn't tell me. Alsk said she didn't want to go for the picnic on Saturdsy afternoon. Also asked her for Tuesday night for Croft, if you please she is engaged that night to Waters to tea and then for a ride in their car. As soon as Edgar comes home for a week, Alice gives him 3 days but Vincent has to be put off Wednesday. There'll be a row on Saturday.

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