Vincent. May 17th - 20th, 1921

17th - Whit Tuesday holiday. Left 9.30am in the car with Father, Mother, Elsie, Mr and Mrs JW Heslop to get to the lakes thro Middleton in T, Alston, Hartside Cross (lunch on top), back to Penrith, Pooley Bridge, Ullswater, Keswick, back to Penrith, Brough, Barnry and back home. Had tea at Barnry - ham and eggs. Lovely day. Home about 9.30.

18th - Usual Wednesday. Met A and 7. Glorious evening. Went further than usual - to ?. Absolutely gorgeous returning. Best time yet. A said she saw J Hopps and Evie on Monday - wonder if they'll say anything. A very sorry I didn't go on Monday, however all over now.

20th - to Bp. A in car with Father.

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