Vincent. Mar 2nd - 8th, 1921.

Mr and Mrs F and I stood in queue from 5.15 to see Iolanthe in the "gods" - fine show.

All went to the Hip again. Mr and Mrs F and Poppy and I after tea at Ice Co - Mikado.

Party of 9 of us at the Hip - Yeoman of the Guard. A and PP. Mr and Mrs F, Alice, Kate, Poppy. Dad and I. Absolutely great show. A couldn't help but drop a tear at point in last scene "I have a song to sing Oh!".

Stayed in and helped to move.

Good old Sunday night. Didn't get as far as the bridge as it was a wild night.

Rehearsal for concert at Brompton. Mr and Mrs F, NP and PP, Alice and I at Prudhoe's. Get Alice home. Arranged to go for walk Sat night - to ring her up on Friday to see if she's agreeable.

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