Vincent. June 15th - 22nd, 1921.

15th - went out as usual with Alice. Late again. Met 'Charlie' on the way. Top hole time.

16th - played auction at home with two doctors and father. Went to Greta in the car.

17th - same as last night. Father can't go out as he's got a boil - mother away.

18th - no auction tonight of course. Went out as usual and found a top hole little spot in a hayfield - will have to remember it. Have a better time everytime I go I think.

19th - went to Redcar in the car - Father, Poppy, Wilf, Walter Bolton. Alice and I took our dinners and had them on the sands. Walked to Saltburn and met Norman and Mr.Wilson and Father and Mother. Had tea there and went up to Wilson's. Ernie and I went out for a walk. Drove back home.

20th - usual game of bridge with the Doctors and Father.

21st - same as last night. Dr.Ross's 1am.

22nd - this is the 21st time Alice and I have been out together. At Bedale. Got Mr.Burgess to run me over to Northallerton on back of his bike to catch the 6.16. Late at Greenbank. Harley and Alice talking. Also met Mrs.R. Good old time. Hayfield on Walworth Road.

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