Vincent. July 21st - 25th, 1921.

21st - Bedale to hear Rev T Sykes with ? CWS.

22nd - Mr. Oliver here for evening. Singing lesson.

23rd - ? and dog show for 2 hours. Pictures 1st house - got drenched.

24th - Alice home. Met Joe in afternoon at park. To North Lodge Park in evening & then brought Alice and Kate home for a sing song.

25th - Alice rang me up to see me at 5.30. Met her talking to Norman. Get her up Bondgate. She can't come on Wed night so arranged for tonight. What a night. Just as we met it poyred down so we went back to Alice's house for half an hour. Went out again as it faired up. But it started again, so we dodged into a practically finished house. Stayed here til after 10. Went home but got caught in the rain which poured down. Had to wade home.

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