Vincent. July 10th - 16th, 1921.

10th - Elsie at Croft. In the park with A and in the evening.

12th - tennis in the morning with Wilf, Alice and Kate. 7am.

13th - wentbout with Alice as usual Walworh Road. Rather more confidential than usual and very nemorable evening. Had a great time. Talk of our relations entre nous. Agreed to continue conversation forthright hence. Rather surprised at A's thoughts about me. Trust absolutely.

14th - arranged to draw up programme for concert.Farnells there but not Norman Prudhoe. Drew up programme.

16th - went to cricket match. To Hartlepool in evening to Mrznd Mrs Masons silver wedding. Had a good time. Saw Dorothy's boy. He is very nice but Dorothy will have hard time of it. Admird Dorothy for it.

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