Vincent, Jan 9th, 1921

I quite thought Alice wouldn't want to come to the pictures with me as she has refused me so many times to go for a walk - thought she must be bored with my company. However we joined forces last night and went to the Court First House. Then went for a walk along Coniscliffe Road, saw Peggy at corner of School finishing so that's torn it. Everybody will know about it now. Ca ne fait rien. Went as far as the waterworks and talked such rubbish all the time. Many confidences. Tells me all about her diary. I wasn't so explicit but says she has an entry "Sat on Arthur dear's knee" with reference to the play practices. Got talking about fortune-telling and Norman's cards. She says mine, about marrying late and having a very unhappy married life is not true - the way she said that seemed to make me think she doesn't want it to be true. It's only Norman's fun though. Said I was a flirt but by gad I'm not. Alice has the sweetest disposition on earth. Two lovely long kisses by the brook under a tree near the waterworks. Swore before I went I wouldn't kiss her as I have a bad cold but so had she and I couldn't resist it. She asked me if I wanted to marry a widow - not I. Only one girl I want to marry - and that - Alice. Talked about marrying age - man should be older than woman both agreed and she said that would stand in her way and she would not marry anyone younger than herself. I said although I agreed that the man should be older, it would not stand in my way if I fell in love with a girl older than myself. I am in love with Alice but there are two deterents from my telling her. First Elsie. Second I don't know her people. Hence plan of campaign to get rid of these two. First people at home don't know who I was with.

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