Vincent. Jan 30th, 1921

Top hole day. Went for a ride with Mother and Poppy in the afternoon. Piercebridge and Walworth. Evening, A, K and I went for a stroll up the West Auckland Road again. Ate toffees all night. Kate pinched the last one and so I called A 'dear'. Kate said she'd rather have the sweet than the 'dear' - Alice said she'd rather have the 'dear' - ain't we coming on - queer people women, as Bindle would say. Great time. Look forward very much to Sundays as we seem to get on so well. Would like Alice all to myself tho'. Happy days! Thought I had a good time in France but this beats all. Mother says people have been remarking about Alice and I - let them I say - why the devil should what people say regulate my enjoyment of life.

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