Vincent. Feb 5th, 6th, 7th, 1921.

Another dance. This time at Temp Inst. where Sir Charles and Lady Starmer were host and hostess. Very jolly time. Gladys went. Dad Mother and Poppy couldn't go as all in bed poorly. Poor Dad is having a tough time of it.

Yarnalls in to Ice. All get them back to top of bank after Chapel and then up to Alices to have a sing. First time I've been there - met Mrs. Sykes and Joe. Rather a jolly old time. Received the result of my bet with Alice as to finding the slipper - 50 box of Waverley!

Working late. Rang up Alice about the opera. Arranged to meet her 10.15. She rang me up again at 9.57 to find out the time. Eventually walked to Brinkburn Road. What aparting! We are coming on and no mistake. A seems to take to me and quite expected having to be fussed! Promised to ring me up tomorrow night if Mr. ? is not there. Don't expect she will though. Intend fixing up for Saturday if she will.

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