Vincent. August 6th - 13th, 1921.

6th - Alice had arranged to go to play tennis at Middleton Tyas but it rained so she came down with us to tea at Croft. Practice there and then A and I walked back. The others going back in Normans car. Left Croft 12 midnight.

7th - went over the moors to Whitby - lovely run. Arrived in time for lunch. Afternoon went to see church and abbey - back for tea. In eveming went into Spa to hear band. Also talked to Hanley(?) till about 2am. Walk along the front. Told me various things about Alice. ? Great discussion.

8th - back again home over the moors - lovely ride but very windy. Alice came down, home in the evening. Get her back home.

9th - went to brompton. Father and mother there. Good time but Alice came back with Norman.

10th - rang Alice up to tell her couldn't go out tonight. Informed me she is working back. Very cool. Went to Sedgefield and had lesson. Learnt Alice had been down with Norman in his car.

11th - to croft with Alice. Talk over things in general.

13th - the climax. Had felt things were too unsettled to last for long without a reckoning so things came out tonight. First of all a note from Alice to ask me to go up to no.47 as she might be a bit late. Did so and had a talk to Joe. Went out about 7.15 but not Walworth Road. Turned right into a field of ? Then we started. Alice "doesn't know". Told her I do and am sure. Shall never forget tonight. Very disconcerting. A to decide.

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