Vincent. August 15th - 18th, 1921.

15th - THE DAY. Father asked me to go to Kirby Stephen with him tonight. Had arranged to go with Alice so told Father he would have to take her as well. Lovely ride. Took Alice to see her Uncle and then went for s walk. After a struggle, A told me she did know now - realised after last night when I left them. What a glorious time. Grand ride home.

16th - To croft on a practice for concert. Alice not there as she is working but Kate came down.

17th - garden party at home. Alice recited. Worked back. Walked home with A at 10pm.

18th - talked with Mr.Page about Alice in the morning as we had a practice at Prudhoes. Mrs and Mrs. F, Elsie and I call for A at 10pm and I get her home.

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