Vincent. 18th, 19th April, 1921

18th - went to Sedgefield and was introduced to Mr. Jones, principal baritone of the O'Mara Opera Co. He samg lots of songs. Has a lovely voice. Home 12.30.

19th - just heard one of the richest possible tales. Gladys was at the CE ramble last night and was with Eunice Armitage. She told Gladys that she had been for a walk with Edith XXX...who talked the utterest rot imaginable. Said she simply hated Alice Sykes and didn't see what those could see in her. Said it was a scandal the way Alice made all the boys fall in love with her as it spoiled everybody else's plans! What an unintended compliment to Alice, also to me in a way. Eunice asked her if she liked me. Said no! Certainly not. Eunice was surprised and said "don't you like him at all? So she sdmitted she did "a bit"." This is a scream after what happened last year when she tried to circulate the report that she was 'going with me'. Said she wasn't at the ? on Tuesday 'coz Alice was speaking and she feels like throwing a book at her when she see's her. Won't Alice laugh when she hears this.

Worked overtime.

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