Vincent. 2nd Jan, 1921.

Went to a social New Years Eve, played a pianoforte solo, 'soir de printemps', as an encore Alicia, Norman, Prudhoe and I sang a topical little ditty based on another little drink of eleven verses of which I composed nine. Took well so we had to sing it twice. Then we went into the watch night service and then carol singing. Four of us stuck together. Flora Stokesley (?), Edgar Waters, Alice and I. Edgar and I took Alice and Kate home. Ernie arrived home about half an hour later than me having been with Eunice. Didn't go to bed until 6.30am. Yesterday Ernie had arranged to take Eunice out so went to the pictures - Court Second House, where I met Alice and Kate and again went home with them for a third night in succession. Had arranged to meet Ernie at corner of Blackwellgate, but he arrived in before me.

My new years resolutions-

  1. To be happy.

  2. To try and make everyone else happy.

  3. To make a successful first year in business as a partner.

  4. To concentrate my energies into winning Alice.

  5. To be a successful musical composer.

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