Vincent. 23rd - 25th June, 1921

24th - father gave me some letters. Had opened one from Laurie and said he had read so far but it got too hot so he stopped. When I read it muttered a terrible swear word. To think that father read that. He must think A and I are 'fixed up' - terrible ? - ye gods. Letter from Hilda. 8 pages asking me to go up again!

25th - met Alice at 3.15pm and went to Croft by bus to picnic. Joined everybody at Croft, left bikes at Farnells & carried on. Alice and I went into woods to look for others (late comers) but did not find them. Took 3 snaps. Later on took snaps of Alice in water! Played games etc. A and I called at Farnells and went back to meet them. They get us to the bridge and we walked back over the fields. Alice's shoes got dirty. Arrived home 12.30! Compared with other girls there - no comparison with Alice.

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