Vincent. Sept 19th - 21st, 1921.

18th ...walk down home as Father had told me to ask her in. Quite alright - Alice stsyed to supper and then I get her home.

19th - Harvest festival doings at Greenbank. Alice recited. Much leg pulling . Alice long talk to Edgar Waters. Walked up to Greenbank Cres with Winnie and Harley with Alice then on to Brinkburn Road with Alice. Harley immensely pleased. Told Father all about it. Was quite recomciled to it. Told me he would help me all he could. Liked Alice and quite a long talk.

20th - rang up Alice to say would not see her tonight. At doctors.

21st - Wednesday night. Met Alice at 7 and walk up Walworth Road. More 'cow' incidents. Long talk about things. Said she knew I'd told father as soon as she got in on Monday night - funny thing that - she knew I hadn't told him on Sat night.

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