Vincent. 16th 17th April, 1921.

16th - Saturday night at last. Saw Harley and Renie when waiting for Alice but they didn't see me. Went up Walworth as usual and took 5 photographs. Glorious time. A understood thing now for Sat.

17th - Asked Harley if he'd seen me last night but it appears he hadn't. Went out to Sedgefield in the morning for Mrs. Stones - poured down. Had a puncture coming back so had to jack it up on to petrol tins. Farnell and Mrs to chapel. Walked out to croft. Met Bob and Norman half way so as I was with Mrs. F, A and K joined the boys. Went on to the Spa. Rotten, wished I'd stayed with the others. A awfully agitated I understand about where we'd gone and as F said we'd gone for a drink! Wind up! Came back in the bus - didn’t enjoy it a bit.

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